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Título: Keratoplasty

Película en 35 mm, blanco y negro, sin audio, textos en inglés

Año de filmación: 1937

Duración: 10m 33s

Formato digital: WMV

Ubicación: Biblioteca del Instituto de Investigaciones Oftalmológicas Ramón Castroviejo

Signatura: IRC V-273

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Descripción de textos incluidos:

00: 29 - It is better top perform the operation under local, but this picture was taken of a nine year old child under general anaesthesia.Special instruments required for the operation.Keratoplastotome or double bladed knife
00:55 - Special keratome
01:02 - Special scissors with dull points to avoid injury to lens
01:13 - The pupil must be fully dilated with atropine 3%. A few drops of argyrol 20%, , epinephrine (1:1000), and pantocaine (2%) ae instilled into the eye. If local anaesthesia is employed, repeated instillations of pantocaine (1/2%) and adrenalin (1/2%) are used for about half an hour previous to the operation.
01:43 - A sub-conjunctival injection of cocaine (2%) and adrenalin (1:1000) produces a wider dilation of the pupil and reinforces the anaesthesia.
02:02 - Cross-incisions are made at right angles to each other with the keratoplastotome, the object being to outline a corneal flap. The incisions become sharply outlined after instilation of fluoresceine
02:44 - With fine corneal needles and nº 00000 silk a continuous suture is placed in the cornea alongside the incision
04:52 - A suture is placed in the center of the outlined area to hold the cornea away from the lens, while the leucoma is being dissected
5:11 - While the eye is immobilized by taking hold of the episclera near the limbus, a puncture is made at the upper incision with the keratome
05:35 - The other three edges are cut with the special scissors. Holding the keratome and the scissors at an angle of about 20 from the vertical, results in uniformly bevelled edges of the flap
06:31 - Similar technique is employed in obtaining the transparent flap from an eye enucleated shortly after delivery from a full-term still born. The transplant may also be obtained from eyes enucleated from adults
07:38 - The transparent flap replaces the dissected leucoma

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